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Live Guitarfish Adventures Performances

Guitarfish Music Festival VI! July 27-30, 2017

Jimmy Leslie & The Flow will perform Guitarfish Adventures at the Guitarfish Music Festival on Friday, July 28th at 1pm and Saturday, July 29th at noon on the Starfish Stage in Family Camp, in section B.

Blue Is the New Green,

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NightLife Sustainable Seafood Event honoring Worlds Oceans Day

Steinhart Aquarium, Philippine Reef Theatre at the California Academy of Sciences

Cap’n Less is the pen name and salty-voiced narration vehicle for author Jimmy Leslie, who brings Guitarfish Adventures to life via a multitude of creative character voices, original songs, and innovative electric guitar playing. This very special NightLife performance will take place at Steinhart Aquarium in front of the majestic Philippine coral reef tank, which will provide profound context for the Guitarfish tale. Event doors at 6pm. The Guitarfish school is encouraged to gather in Philippine Coral Reef theatre (limited seating) at 7pm. Guitarfish Adventures Vol. 1: Blue Is the New Green at approximately 8pm.


December 8th, Blue Hootenanny at Harmonia (Formerly The Plant Studios) in Sausalito, CA. 5:30-9:30pm.

At the 2013 Guitarfish Music Festival, Jimmy "Cap'n Less" Leslie was honored with a Turtle of Change award by the Blue Turtle organization for "Slowly Making a Difference" via Guitarfish. "Flipped out" by the honor, he's vowed to begin work on a soundtrack for Guitarfish Adventures Volume 1:Blue is the New Green in order to bring the characters and songs to life the way he does onstage. He will perform Guitarfish Adventures at the Blue Hootenanny (starting about 7pm) and then pass the Turtle of Change statuette "Guitarfish Graham" on to Blue Hootenanny organizer June Barnard in recognotion for her incredibly awesome series of monthly events that bring marine and music enthusiasts together. Arrive early to mix and mingle, there will be drinks at the cash bar. Watch Cap'n Less bring Guitarfish to life, and then hang around for the Blue Hoot jam session. Bring your instruments. All ages are welcome! Tell your friends, Blue is the New Green!

2200 Bridgeway (actually just off Bridgeway, take the side road accross from 7-11 and follow signs to the Bay Model.) (415) 332-1432. $10 donation at the front door please.